I need to get a SIM card

Regarding mobile telephony, Greece uses the same GSM system as most EU countries, Asia and Australia. You should have in mind that USA and Japan use a cellular phone system that is incompatible with the European.

You go to any Mobile service provider store (Cosmote, Nova Greece, Q-Telecom, Vodafone Greece) with your passport and ask for a SIM Card for your cellular phone, as well as a confirmation that this number belongs to you.

Alternatively you can make an online request at vodafonewhat's up (cosmote)free to go (nova greece) or q-telecom and you will receive your card by post.

In addition to a residential address, you will need a Greek phone (mobile) simply to confirm the card's shipment.

The cost starts from 10 euros and the SIM card is being sent to you by postal service.


I need to obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN)

To obtain a tax identification number, you will need the following documents:

1. Photocopy of valid passport or travel document recognized by our country.
2. The evidence proving that you reside legally in the country, which means your Visa D1.1 and the entry stamp applied to your passport upon arrival in Greece or a valid residence permit.
3. If you are a minor of foreign nationality, birth certificate officially translated.
4. Solemn declaration of a greek citizen that he agrees to be appointed as your tax representative with his original signature certified from any authority or a Citizens Service Center or issued from
5A simple written authorisation with all your personal information (name, surname, father's and mother's name, date and place of birth, current address and email) with your original signature certified  from any authority or a Citizens Service Center  for the appointment of a greek citizen as your tax representative here in Greece (a notarized document is also accepted).
6. Registry of marriage/civil partnership in case you are married.
7. An application form.

There are two ways to obtain your Tax ID:

1. You can visit the Foreign Residents Tax Office at Metsovou 4, Athens, to obtain your Tax ID number. To acquire a key number to activate your Taxisnet credentials, please follow the attached instructions.

2. You can use the online service provided by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue. This involves filling out an online form and participating in an online interview.
Follow the instructions attached to make your online application.

After obtaining your Tax ID you will need a key number, which is a unique number that is created when you register with TAXISnet. It is mainly used to activate your account and when you want to reset your password. You will use your username and password to log in and identify yourself to the service each time.

To obtain this key number please visit this website  or this website and follow the attached instructions.


I need to open a bank account

The submission of all the following documentation is compulsory for the commencement of a relationship with the Bank.

For the submission of the supporting documents you need to make an appointment at a bank branch located near you.

1. Identity Certification

EU Aliens Residing in Greece

               • Valid passport or
               • Identity card issued by an EU country

Non EU Aliens Residing in Greece

                • Special Identity Card for Aliens of ethnic Greek Descent or
                • Valid passport and valid residence permit (if not applicable, valid student visa and certification of enrolment from the university)

(The Identification Certificates must be original and bear your photograph)

2. Certification of Income and Tax Identification Number (TIN)

• Solemn Declaration (994) stating that there is no obligation to submit a tax declaration form (provided by the bank) and
• Certificate of Issuance of a Tax Identification Number or Certificate of a Change in Personal Details.

In case you obtain a Tax Identification Number in your country of origin you need to obtain a Certificate evidencing the TIN or its equivalent in the form of a public document from the country of establishment (issued by a Public Authority/Embassy/Consulate), stating such TIN/TIN equivalent.

3. Confirmation of Address of Main Residence

• Recent utility bill issued by a public or private company, (e.g. Public Power Corporation (DEI), Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP), Landline Telephone, etc.,) – (Document must be issued up to six months prior to its delivery to the Bank) or
• Electronic lease contract submitted to a Tax Authority or Proof of Submission of a Declaration of Information on a Property Lease or
• Certificate of permanent residence, issued by the municipal roll or
• Latest mobile phone bill

In case of "hosting" or "cohabitation":
Certificate of address issued in the name of the lessee/owner and
Solemn Declaration made by you or other document by which the relationship with the owner of the phone is evidenced.

4. Confirmation of Occupation (University Student)

• Academic Identity Card
• Recent Certificate of Studies

5. Confirmation of Contact Phone Number (Landline/Mobile)

• Certificate issued by a landline/mobile telephone company or
• Recent Utility Bill issued by a landline/mobile telephone company

In case of “hosting” or “cohabitation“:
Certificate or bill for the phone in the name of the owner and
Solemn Declaration made by you or other document proving your relationship with the owner of the phone

6. Confirmation of Tax Residence

• Signed self-certification form for individuals (9284) or
• Signed electronic form "Request for the Opening of a Client Relationship” or
“Deposit Account Opening and Special Terms of Cooperation" or
"Amendment of Customer's Information File” produced by the Bank’s central computer system.

If, apart from the Greek tax residence, you also have another tax residence:

Certificate evidencing the TIN or its equivalent


NOTE: The documentation/supporting documents must be provided in original form or copies of the originals and exclusively in person. Exceptionally, the Identification Certificate must always be delivered in original form. Solemn Declarations/documentation bearing original signature must be provided also in original form.

Documentation issued in a language other than Greek or English must be legally translated into Greek or English. Public documents issued/translated in countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention must be apostilled by the competent foreign authority.

It is noted that the Bank reserves the right to request additional documentation if required.