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My obligations

You must declare within two (2) months by registered letter via Greek Post Services or courier services with the corresponding supporting documents to the competent Immigration Service Directorate of the Decentralized Administration of your residence area:

(a) the change of residence (also done at the relevant police station),

(b) any change that occurred in your civil status, in particular the change of citizenship, the conclusion, dissolution or annulment of a marriage or cohabitation agreement or the birth of a child, etc.,

(c) the change of your passport details, as well as any loss of it or the loss of your residence permit.

My rights

Your rights are those defined by the International Conventions that our country has signed and ratified, and which generally refer to the protection of every individual, but also by the Greek Constitution that protects fundamental individual rights.

1. You can spend part of your studies in Greece for a period of up to three hundred and sixty (360) days. In the latter case, you are not required to obtain the special entry permit due to studies (study VISA) that the Greek law requires for those who want to study in Greece.

If you have been accepted to an educational institution in an EU country and you want to continue your studies in a Greek educational institution you should submit:

(a) a copy of a valid degree for studies that you hold in the other EU member state,

(b) certificate of the study course you have completed, from which the relevant and complementary character between the two study programs can be obtained, and

(c) certification of the implementing body of the respective program for your participation in the community or bilateral exchange program or certification of the competent authorities of the EU member state where you have been admitted as a student for at least two years.

2. You have free access to the Greek courts, as well as the right to report to the authorities. You can trade freely, you can freely express your opinions, unless they lead to the overthrow of the current democratic state, participate as a member of student Associations or Unions, even in their Board of Directors, and, in general, you have all the fundamental rights which the Constitution of Greece provides, without exception, for every person, without discrimination.

3. In the event that you have a child born in Greece, in derogation of the Greek legislation that does not allow the family reunification of third-country nationals of student family members, this child is granted an individual residence permit without paying a fee for its issuance, which expires at the same time with the residence permit of the parent-student.

4. During your studies in Greece you can travel to your country or to another country in the European Union. Your residence permit is not affected by your temporary absences that do not exceed six months per year.

If you hold a national long-stay visa, valid for up to one year, you can travel to other Member States without obtaining a new special entry visa (VISA) for 90 days within any 180-day period, under the same conditions as for the residence permit holder.

If you have a certificate of application for a student residence permit ("blue certificate") you have the right to travel only in your own country.

5. You have the right to access the public hospitals of Greece.

Even if you subsequently stay illegally in the country (e.g. your residence permit has expired and has not been renewed) you have the possibility to be treated in a public hospital, but only for an emergency and very serious health incident.