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Accommodation at the University Campus

The University of Athens operates a Student Residence Complex(FEPA/ΦΕΠΑ in Greek) on campus, consisting of four buildings.

For more information, please visit their website and apply every September for the allocation of available rooms through the relevant service.

Renting in Athens

Renting in Athens can be a challenge to everyone, and especially internationals. However, if you just master the renting guidelines and documentation, you will be alright. 

Initially, start by figuring out exactly what you want. This will help you narrow down the list of options and therefore facilitate and speed up the renting process. Think about whether you want to live alone or you want a flatmate, is it okay if your flatmate is a stranger, what neighborhood are you interested in, how many rooms should there be, what floor is comfortable for you, and the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend for the monthly rent. These are just some of the things you should consider before starting out the search for an apartment. However, apart from these, there are a few other things you should know. Let’s go through them together.

What documents do I need to rent a flat in Greece?

Documents are truly essential when you want to rent a flat in Greece. They will help your landlord know you are a trustworthy tenant, and they will help you ensure your rights as a tenant. So, here’s what’s essential:

1. A copy of your ID or passport

Signing the tenancy agreement or simply looking at the flat (in most cases) requires you to provide a copy of your ID or passport, to either the landlord, estate agent, or both.

2. Tax Identification Number

In order to be able to rent a flat in Greece, you will need a certification of your tax identification number (unless you are an Erasmus+ student residing in Greece for less than 6 months).

3. Tenancy agreement 

Having a rental contract is good since it ensures your rights as a tenant and elaborates on the do’s and don’ts to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. A signed tenancy agreement from both the landlord and the tenant is mandatory. The Agreement has to be written in English, otherwise, it is invalid.

4. Acceptance of the tenancy agreement

Up to 30 days after signing the tenancy agreement, your landlord has to declare it to the Taxisnet portal in order for you to accept it.

How do I rent a flat in Greece?

There are a few possibilities to renting in Athens. Some of the most common ways of renting are:

Renting without an estate agent

If you are in Athens already, you can go around the neighbourhood with a Greek-speaking friend, and look out for the yellow “ΕΝΟΙΚΙΑΖΕΤΑΙ” ("FOR RENT") signs. This method might sound a little old-fashioned, but it still works.

When looking at where to stay long term in Athens, keep in mind that rental prices for apartments are negotiable. You’ll have a much better chance of arriving at a lower deal than advertised if a Greek speaking friend does the talking!

Renting through an estate agent

You can rent an apartment through an estate agent in Athens since it is usually easier, but sometimes it comes at a price. Estate agents are hired by owners to help in selling or renting their apartments or houses. However, fees are included for the services provided by the agents.

But you’re not always the one to pay the commission, unless you’re planning on buying a property. So, when it comes to renting, the landlord usually pays the commission, that’s why people usually prefer using websites instead of employing an agent. However, before signing any agreement, make sure you check how these commission fees are to be paid.

Available online property portals

There are various ways one can search for flats and rent them online. See below for a list of online renting portals in Greece:
Golden οpportunity (XE)
Facebook Marketplace
Union of real estate agencies
Expats in Greece
 (FB group)
Stay in Athens (mostly for Erasmus+ students)

Renting through word of mouth

Another renting possibility is through word of mouth. It actually proves to be an efficient way of finding a nice and comfortable apartment. Simply let as many people know you’re interested in renting a flat in Athens, and if anyone has information, they will inform you.

Usually, when someone wants to leave an apartment, they will suggest their friends or acquaintances to their landlords. This way, the landlord won’t have to worry about finding a new tenant, and you won’t have to worry about finding a flat.

Through Study in Greece

Study in Greece (SiG) is Greece’s official body for the internationalization of higher education and international student mobility.It helps you find the right accommodation for you. Working in close collaboration with their network of specialized external partners they provide a variety of housing options to students of all programs. 
Visit the Study in Greece HouSiG Website: for further help and information.

What does the rental contract contain in Greece?

Having a rental contract is good since it ensures your rights as a tenant and elaborates on the do’s and don’ts to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. Some of the components rental contracts usually contain are:

• Duration of the agreement (stating the start date and the termination date)
• Deposit amount
• Amount of monthly rent
• Amount of additional costs, depending on your use
• Rent increases information
• A complete list of furniture, if you rent a furnished apartment
• Compliance with the regulation of the apartment building
• House rules set by the landlord, regarding the repair expenses they will and will not cover
• Notice length (minimum one month, if you or your landlord wants to cancel the agreement)
• Consequences of infringements

What’s the cost of renting in Athens?

Average renting prices are usually set as a cost per square metre. However, the prices you will get will vary depending on where you’re planning to live in. Locations close to the universities usually have higher prices in comparison to those further away.

The apartments in Athens are rented out with an average of €7,5 a square metre, reaching as high as €11 a square metre, according to The rental prices are generally reasonable. A one-bedroom student apartment costs around €350-500.

When it comes to deposits and utilities in Greece, one is expected to pay a deposit that is equal to two months’ rent. It should not be more than this amount. The security deposit serves as the purpose to make sure the tenant returns the property to the owner in the same condition it was received when rented. The utilities (electricity, water, gas, telephone), on the other hand, are usually not included in the rent and this should be mentioned in the rental contract. 

On top of these utilities, most blocks of flats have some standard costs, which are divided among the tenants. These costs include the cleaner, gardener, elevator maintenance, electricity for the common areas (staircases, corridors) etc. We call them kinohrista.