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The supporting documents I will need when I apply for a residence permit for studies:

1. (*) Photocopy of valid passport or travel document recognized by our country.

2. (*) Valid student visa type D.

3. (*) Administrative fee of 150 euros (issued online from e-paravolo- by choosing for Public Authority: Ministry of Migration Policy-Deposit Fee for Residence Permit and under code 2107). Not required if you are a scholarship holder.

4.Health insurance certificate. Not required if covered by the Scholarship. 
If you have an insurance policy from your country of origin, you can submit it officially translated as long as it provides the required coverages.
It is possible to search the services for certified translators who are included in the Registry of Certified Translators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the link:

5. (*) Certificate of enrolment and receipt of fee payment or letter of approval from the university (if applicable).

6. (*) Proof of financial means. Evidence proving that you have sufficient resources (including the scholarship), i.e. 400 euros per month as a minimum & a statement that this amount will be renewed. The proof of financial means could be a deposit account, a bank transfer, proof of scholarship or proof of salary in case you work part-time (when renewing your residence permit).

7. Proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18.

8. Certification of the relevant educational institution for the total study time of the specific program.

9. Proof of scholarship if this is the case (a certificate from the competent institution for granting the scholarship, as well as for the duration of the program and the scholarship granted).

10. Solemn declaration asking to be granted a residence permit for studies, equal to the maximum duration of the program of studies you have enrolled in.

11. Proof of address of residency for territorial jurisdiction:
• RENTAL OF FLAT: Proof of submission of the tenancy agreement by the landlord with the acceptance of the tenant.
• ACCOMMODATION IN A PRIVATELY OWNED FLAT: Declaration of real estate data (E9) of the current year.
• BEING HOSTED: Proof of submission of the tenancy agreement by the landlord with the acceptance of the tenant (the person who is hosting you) or Declaration of real estate data (E9) of the current year of the person hosting you in a privately owned flat and documents proving that this property is your permanent residency such as utility bills, certification of the telecommunication company, all kinds of public authority documents.

Records with (*) are mandatory for the submission of the online application.  In order to obtain the residence permit for studies, a personal interview may be required at the Immigration Office of the area of residence as well as the submission of biometric data and the presentation of additional supporting documents.

Documents required for issuing the card during the biometrics appointment:
(a) One (1) passport-size picture as well as in digital format, as a .jpg file stored on optical storage disc (CD) or USB stick.
(b) Administrative fee of 16 euros (issued online from e-paravolo - under code 2119).
(c) An official public document of the country of birth or origin officially certified and translated clearly showing the place of birth. In the translation, the place of birth should ALSO be written in Latin characters. (Provided only in case the city of birth is not printed in the passport in Latin characters).