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If you want to participate in programs for the purpose of practical training in the subject of your studies, against compensation, you are allowed to stay in our country for work reasons, for a period up to six months, without the need to obtain a residence permit in the country.

When you are accepted into a program for internship in the subject of your studies in a specific company and for a certain period of time, through an exchange agency, you are granted a national entry visa marked "B.10 Intern". The Higher Educational Institutions of our country that have entered into bilateral agreements of similar content with corresponding institutions abroad  as well as international organisations for exchange students are considered to be exchange bodies.

After the expiration of the visa, you must immediately leave the Greek territory, without any other formalities.

The supporting documents to obtain the entry visa are as follows:

a) passport or other travel document recognized by Greece, the validity of which covers at least the duration of the intended stay,

b) parental or guardian consent for the intended stay in case you are under eighteen (18) years of age,

c) full health insurance in terms of all benefits covered respectively for nationals. The insurance must be valid for the duration of the intended stay,

d) sufficient resources to cover your living and internship expenses during the stay, without having to resort to the national social welfare system, as well as to cover the costs of the return journey,

e) administrative fee of 150 euros (issued online from e-paravolo under code 2107),

f) internship contract, between the Higher Education Institution and the approved host institution,

h) proof of a higher education degree within the two (2) years preceding the date of the application or that you are continuing to follow a study program with the aim of obtaining a higher education degree.