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EU citizens and students from Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein do not have to apply for a residence permit, as they are entitled to the right of free movement within Greece.
International students from all other countries than those stated above, who have acquired a student visa (D 1.1. "Studies") by the Greek Consular Authorities of their country of origin, are required to apply for a residence permit for studies within 90 days of their arrival in Greece.

If you want to apply for the initial residence permit, for the renewal of your residence permit or to arrange the delivery of your residence permit you have to visit the online platform of the General Secretariat of Migration Policy, read the available instructions on the left, choose the permit you are interested in, select the category "Studies" or "Scholars" if you are a scholarship holder and submit the application after filling in the required information .

In order to check the progress of your application you can visit

In order to obtain the residence permit for study purposes, a personal interview at the Immigration Office presenting the below mentioned documents may be required.